RYA VHF Short Range Certificate Course (DSC)

  Successful completion of the RYA VHF Radio Course will enable you to operate a VHF radio fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC).
To use a VHF set legally you must hold or be under supervision of someone holding a valid VHF licence.

There are now 4 ways of obtaining a short range certificate.

  • Use the computer based training course from RYA Interactive and then attend an assessment session.
  • Attend a full day training course (10 hours) and then attend an assessment with a different instructor on another day.
  • Targeted self-study for 3 hours, attend a training course (7 hours) followed by an assessment with another instructor, all on one day or another day
  • If you hold a restricted vhf or aviation radio licence you are permitted to attend the assessment without the prior training.

The assessment session may be at the same training centre as the training course or at a different centre but must be carried out by a different instructor.

Surrey Shorebased is able to offer all of these options but the preferred route is the RYA Interactive course followed by an assessment session with us.

Routes 2 and 3 will no longer allow us to offer as much flexibility of dates since they both require coordinating the availability of two instructors as well as the students.

Unlike many centres we are happy to offer assessment to students who have trained elsewhere.

A generous amount of time and assistance will be given in getting familiar with the operation of our training radios prior to the assessment.

Further details of the course syllabus and contents are shown here

Click on the video below to see the interactive course in action

Gold awards

Before purchasing the interactive course you must download a sample of it from here to ensure it is compatible with your computer equipment.

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